A new look
for a new course


Newlisi has a new look. The rebranding of the logo marks an important turning point: our shareholders have carried out a new round of capital to support the Company in a further phase of development that, after the consolidation of the technology, aims to increase our penetration in Italy and abroad over the next five years.

The total round, amounting to 66.5 million euros, was financed by 360 Capital Partners, the Company's reference shareholder, Indaco Venture Partners SGR and Micheli Associati S.r.l.

A new Board of Directors was appointed.

The Board of Directors is led by Edoardo Riccio, a manager with extensive experience in the administration and management of large groups and start-ups, a consultant to funds, companies, banks and financial institutions, who is also actively involved in the new round of investment. Edoardo Riccio has acted as advisor and executive director for companies in various industries, such as financial services, aerospace and defense, IT and energy.

The other members are Alessandro Campanella, expert in M&A, strategic planning and investor relations, in Newlisi since 2017, and Chicco Testa, President of Fise Assoambiente, Proger S.p.A., E.VA Energie Valsabbia and CEO of Telit Communications S.p.A.


Newlisi represents a unique solution on the market for the sustainable management of sludge generated by the treatment of wastewater of civil and industrial origin.

With an innovative patented technology we guarantee our customers a significant reduction of sludge disposal and the recovery of energy from the waste itself, maximizing the production of biogas. We support and promote the circular economy by solving one of the most critical problems for the water sector and for the community.