Totally italian technology and patent

Conceived and developed more than a decade ago by the in-house technical team with the support of the Water Research Institute (IRSA-CNR), the innovative Newlisi technology, patented in 38 countries worldwide, is a simple, safe and effective solution for the treatment and exploitation of sewage sludge.

Adaptable system

Sludge is treated downstream of the thickening section before entering the dehydration section, regardless of the percentage of TSS (total suspended solids). Where the plant includes a digester, however, the process is applied before the anaerobic digestion phase.

State-of-the-art telemetry systems ensure remote monitoring of all essential parameters.

NEWLISI’s advanced R&D ensures that the process is optimised in accordance with the characteristics of the sludge to be treated, and its engineering experience ensures that plant solutions are adapted to the parameters of the treatment plant and the customer’s needs.

Operationally simple

The Newlisi plant is simple, modular, does not require special permits and can be easily implemented for both new and existing treatment plants.

The Newlisi solution is a continuous process that is simple to operate and easy to maintain

The process operates at low temperatures and at atmospheric pressure: the system is safe and does not require the use of specially trained operators

The plants are equipped with remote control systems that allow Newlisi technical staff to remotely assist operators in the field, preventing the risk of malfunction

Compact dimensions

A standard plant* consists of three modules of the following dimensions:

– Module P (metres 8.00L x 8.00d x 6.50h)
– Module S (metres 7.00L x 4.50d x 3.00h)
– Module C (metres 2.50L x 6.00d x 2.50h)

Chemical storage area (20 to 60 m2)

Non-standard dimensions and capacities are possible.

* WWTPs from 50,000 to 150,000 Population Equivalents.

An automated system compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements

The Newlisi system complies with the regulatory requirements for classification as an “Industry 4.0 capital asset.”

Fully automatedsystem
24/7 process control
All motorsrunning off inverters
Controlled dosing of chemicals